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"Like everyone else, deaf-blind people also have dreams to achieve successful lives and education. Many people assume that, without sight or hearing, deaf-blind people could not lead "normal" lives. We need to remember that no one has a "normal" life or can ever go through anything without struggles."

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"I was brought up in a village twenty miles south of Calcutta. But In contrast to most parents of disabled children receiving help and counsel from agencies for parents newly exposed to disability, my parents, as teachers themselves, knew how to handle my deafness without any assistance from outside specialists."

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How Technology can change lives...
"I know of a deaf-blind individual who takes a TeleBraille to his doctor appointments because an interpreter is not always available. The TeleBraille has what you call "face-to-face" mode which allows you to communicate with another party. This deaf-blind person said that the doctor loved communicating directly with him, and on one occasion, they both ended up talking for two hours! "

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The young deaf-blind man on the jet about to take off from Detroit Metro leans downward in his bulkhead seat and vigorously strokes his yellow Labrador retriever. Passengers and flight attendants smile and whisper comments of compassion for a man and dog traveling alone and now, for the first time, entrusting life and limb to the extraordinary adaptation of each others' limited senses."

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Bonding Between Bapin and Dinah
Together day and night, the two that week had just completed 24 days of regimented training at the Leader Dog School for the Blind in Rochester, Michigan, reportedly the only school in the United States with a specialized program that trains deaf-blind people to walk freely and not be constrained to only one walking route.

News Update: Dinah is no longer with us. ( Oct15th,2008).
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